Compiling Ledger 3.0

Ledger   is a pretty sweet finance system that fits my style of all text all the time. Only problem is that installing ledger 3.0 is a bit of a pain on RedHat 6. It doesn’t have any native packages, and the 2.x branch is pretty much dead. To install it you need to compile it yourself, and of course it uses a newer version of some tools so it’s a multi step process. Here is how I did it.

Install Yum prereqs

Some stuff is provided by yum, but in case run the following

yum groupinstall "Development Tools" 
yum install cmake cmake28 
yum install mpfr*

Install Boost

Download boost 1.46.1 – I had issues with 1.52, and while they may have been caused by other things, this works. extract it

tar -zxf boot_1_46_1.tar.gz

Now it’s time to compile and install

cd boost_1_46_1

./ –prefix=/usr/include/boost_1_46_1


./bjam install

Install Ledger

Now it’s time to install ledger, the instructions are almost the same as on the github page

git clone git:// 
cd ledger 
git checkout -b master origin/master 
export BOOST_ROOT=/usr/include/boost_1_46_1/ 
export BOOST_INCLUDEDIR=/usr/include/boost_1_46_1/include/ 
./acprep dependencies 
./acprep update make install

You should now be able to use ledger 3.0 If you have any trouble feel free to leave a comment or contact me on irc.

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