fence_xvmd must have interface option

If you have multiple interfaces, and your default route points to a different interface than your cluster communications, you MUST specify the interface when launching fence_xvmd on the physical hosts

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Attaching Disks to Multiple hosts in XEN

Can’t believe I forgot how to attach a disk to multiple machines in XEN, and then my Google-Fu was weak. Finally figure out how though
The important part is the ! after the w. This is to force it to mount.

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Great List of must try solutions

Great list of things to check that you never think of. Especially the line endings. That has messed up my puppet configurations more than anything else.


http://www.ipmsg.org/tools/fastcopy.html.en for a great tool to copy files including all the ACL’s and overcome the 260bit path limit

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Broadcom 10G cards and bonding in RHEL

Just found out that by default Broadcom 10G cards do NOT work with bonding RHEL. Apparently they try to aggregate packets over all connections and in releases previous to 5.2 would cause a kernel panic. You can tell if you are having a problem by NUMEROUS syslog messages saying “recieved packets cannot be forwarded while LRO is enabled”. To fix this issue you need to add the following line to modprobe.conf
options bnx2x diable_tpa=1

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